Arianne's Bridal Portraits at Central Square Park in Dallas, TX

I had such a great time with Arianne at her bridal portrait session at Central Square Park in Dallas, TX.  She is one of the many brides I have worked with through George Street Photographers.  George Street is a great company out of Chicago that hires photographers all over the country to shoot weddings on an independent contractor basis.  They are responsible for about half of the weddings I photograph annually.  I love working with them and they always send me the best couples!  Arianne and Adam were no exception!


Arianne was really nervous about being photographed and I was determined to get her to feel comfortable and look great so she could feel great about herself and have some amazing images of her in her beautiful wedding gown with a detachable train.  She has such a beautiful and fun personality and I was determined to capture that in her bridal portraits.  Central Square Park  in Dallas, TX was a great option for us because we wanted a traditional look similar to the Arboretum but without all the crowds and walking.  Plus, it's really close to my home, making it an easy place for brides to meet me and change into their dress before the session to avoid getting wrinkled on the drive.  Arianne's Mom, Autumn, came to be our assistant and she did a great job helping out!  


Many brides bring a bouquet to the bridal session but Arianne decided against it and I really love that we

are truly able to focus on her beautiful gown.  It can be tough to come up with posing for a bride with no bouquet because we are just so used to working with flowers!  (what do I do with my Hands???)  In this situation, i just treat it like a fashion shoot and focus on making her look comfortable while highlighting the details in the dress.


Overall, I think the session went really well.   I am most in love with the pink flowers that were in bloom that day!  The spot right by the flowers just so happened to have a great big tree to the right of where I posed her that blocks most of the light coming from that direction.  Leaving us with beautiful, directional light from the left that really shapes and contours her face.  One thing I see a lot of photographers do is over-expose bridal portraits and blow out the dress, which I believe defeats the whole purpose of a bridal portrait!  It is really easy to make a white dress lose all detail with too much light.  My goal lately has been to photograph brides in a way that really showcases all the detail in their dress while still focusing on creative lighting and composition.