Coco turns 2! at White Rock Lake Park

Happy Birthday, Coco!  To celebrate Coco's 2nd birthday, we headed out to White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX.  Caohna, Coco's mom, had told me about an awesome tent she had purchased for the shoot and we decided to add some colorful ballons and some streamers to give it a festive birthday vibe.  I wanted some sun rays coming in from the back and side to really give a dreamy sun-drenched look so I chose an area that had some spots of sunshine and set the scene so that the sun was positioned at a 45 degree angle to the left and behind my subject.  From there we just a had a good time!  We pulled out all the stops to make sure miss Coco was happy.  Everything from candy to bubbles to Taylor Swift!  I even sang a few rounds of the Itsy Bitsy Spider:-)  Thankfully, all of our hard work payed off and Coco had a great shoot!