My experience and approach: 

I began to focus on weddings as a specialty in 2012.  I have photographed over 200 weddings in my career so far and am excited to keep going!  I love being able to capture a day that is all about family and love. It is an honor that I take very seriously.  Weddings are such a joyous occasion, everyone is happy to be there and I love to be surrounded by happy people! I also find the fast paced nature of a wedding day to be invigorating. I enjoy helping in any way I can to take some of the stresses off of the couple and their family.  It is hard work, but I love every minute of it!  Nothing on your wedding day is outside of my job description.  I will do whatever is necessary to ensure that you don't have to sweat the small stuff on your big day!  My skills include, but are not limited to, crowd control, boutonniere pinning, dress bustling, hair styling, etc.

My Style and Technique:

My style is a modern romantic look with a touch of drama.  Each wedding is different and I tend to alter my style just a bit depending on the natural light that is available. I use natural light for the ceremony and daytime portraits, and off camera flash to create my unique style of lighting nightscapes and indoor portraits and receptions. I am very good at thinking on my feet to create lighting and capture images that truly showcase the look and feel of your unique day. 

 -I am devoted to providing each couple with the best possible memories from their wedding day.

Dallas wedding photography by Stephanie Ray.jpg
Click on image to view Krista and John's Country Wedding

My Education and Background:

I am a self-taught photographer.  Meaning I structured my learning around experience and not school.  I worked in several portrait studios to learn the art of photography before branching off on my own.  It took me a couple of years to truly develop my style, but I feel like I have found a home in wedding photography. In order to continue my education and to master the art of photography, I am an active member of the PPA (professional photographers association) and I regularly attend training and workshops to further my skill level.  I have photographed weddings from all different cultures including American Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Napalese, Muslim, Ismali, Catholic, as well as same-sex weddings. 


Thank you for your interest in booking me as your wedding photographer!

Please visit my blog to see more examples of my work, including examples of weddings and engagement portraits.