Dan and Ashley's Heritage Village Wedding

You should all know by now that I love sharing work that I do for friends! Dan and Ashley are our former neighbors, turned great friends. Ashley also assists me on weddings, when I need help, and has become a very dear friend to me through the years. When they got engaged in Ireland, I knew that I would be hearing from them about photographing their wedding. We invited them over for dinner for our consultation and we discussed all the details of their wedding day. I was able to give them some advise and help calm some fears of the “what ifs” but I knew through the whole process that Ashley was destined to worry about what could go wrong. I feel it’s important to tell you this, because a lot of bride’s go through this wedding anxiety. It can definitely be overwhelming as you try to navigate the process of planning a wedding for the first and only time. As a seasoned wedding professional, I make every effort to help with this process since I have so much experience with other vendors and planning the timeline to fit everything in, so you get the best out of your wedding photographs. I proceeded to assist Ashley by referring her to some of my favorite vendors including Linda “the flower lady” McEwan, and Lance Patton of My DFW DJ. With the dream team set up for success, and a decent weather report the week of, we figured it was going to be smooth sailing and everything would turn out alright. Fast forward to the rehearsal and long story short, I became violently ill upon arriving at the rehearsal dinner and had to leave before we were even seated! Let me tell you, I was beyond stressed about how I was going to make it through an entire wedding day when I could barely get up off the bathroom floor, but somehow I rallied and was able to run on adrenaline and Gatorade and get the job done. I guess I was over compensating, because I totally nailed it! I mean, nature had something to do with it, but our meticulous planning to avoid the “what ifs”, was what I credit to the amazing lighting we had for just about every important moment. Even though I felt like I might fall over or vomit at any moment, I was living the dream and I felt like I was on FIRE throughout this entire wedding day! It’s days like this that really remind me why I do what I do. I abso-freaking-lutely LOVE weddings! Especially when the stars align like they did on this day. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them for two of my favorite people on this earth! Congrats to Dan and Ashley! Now bring on the babies!

Lise and Darron's Deep Ellum engagement session

When I first met with Lise and Darron, they mentioned to me that they each had a bike and loved to ride together in their spare time. So when it came time to create the look for their engagement portraits, I knew we had to incorporate their motorcycles! I immediately thought of Deep Ellum as our backdrop and since I know the folks over at Deep Ellum Art Co, I decided to ask them if we could commandeer their sidewalk in front of one of the cool murals by Preston Panneck and IZK art. So we set up shop there right as the sun was setting and the sky was just gorgeous, so we snuck over to the street corner for a couple shots with the beautiful Texas sunset behind them. I love it when I have photography clients that are willing to let me be creative! It always leads to great sessions and this engagement shoot was no exception. Lise and Darron trusted my vision from the very beginning and it definitely paid off! Enjoy!

Zach and Katie's Dallas Skyline engagement portraits

When My good friend Zach and his fiance Katie announced they were getting married, I couldn’t wait to congratulate them! I was so excited when they reached out to me about doing an engagement session before their destination wedding in Jamaica. Unfortunately we were unable to travel for their wedding so I knew that I wanted to give them a great gift that they would enjoy for years to come. I offered to do their session as my wedding gift, but they had to agree to do what I wanted! hahaha I know how much they love living in the heart of Dallas, and I am currently obsessed with nightscape portraits, so I suggested we do something that incorporated the skyline of Dallas. I had done some photos of the skyline form the continental bridge before, but not with a human subject, so I wanted to give it a shot! (pun intended) Since Zach is a musician I thought we could start out at one of the most recognized music venues in Dallas, the Kessler theater. Zach brought his “sexiest” guitar (his words, not mine hahaha) and we had some great shots that make him look very Johnny Cash, in my opinion! All in all it was a fun time to get to work with dear friends and we ended getting some amazing captures along the way! Enjoy!

Matt and Aubrey's Downtown Dallas Wedding

Last fall, before I had my baby boy, I was honored to photograph Matt and Aubrey's wedding day at the Magnolia Hotel in downtown Dallas.  My husband was a groomsmen and also my luggage handler for the day, since I was VERY pregnant at that point.  The reception was in the newly renovated Pegasus Room across the street from the Magnolia Hotel, in the Power and Light building.  The chandelier is my current favorite thing in Dallas!  They did an incredible job on this venue.  It is is simply stunning and photographs like a dream!  I was fortunate enough to have my good friend and colleague, Pam Peck as my associate photographer on this wedding and have included some of her amazing images in this gallery.  Enjoy!

Styled Shoot With Tuesdays Together

Last summer I had the privilege of participating in a styled shoot designed by the Tuesdays Together group that helps organize events for local creatives in the wedding business to come together.  There were 4 styles and I was assigned to the "nautical look".  This is the only styled shoot I have participated in and I really did love the experience.  Everything was executed very well and I enjoyed meeting and working with all those involved!  

Venue: @therosemarybarn
Design & Styling: @the_pinktuxedos
Coordination: @katiefrostweddings
Hair & Makeup: @bbwellingtonartistry
Cake: @thelondonbaker
Rentals: @corallanetx, @goldustvintagerentals
Jewelry: @antonioandfrankie
Stationery & Signage: @thesouthernstylus
Tabletop: @toptiereventrentals

Linens: @amlinenrental
Florist: @thepearlpetal

Dress: @elizabethleebridal

Community: @dallas_tuesdays_together, @tuesdaystogetherftworth, @tuesdaystogether_northdallas

Hollow Hill Farms Engagement Portraits

This "golden hour" portrait session was so much fun!  Last fall I photographed this engagement session with a great couple, Diana and Howard, at a beautiful wedding venue in Weatherford, TX called Hollow Hill Farms.  Hollow Hill is always adding new structures and features so every time I work there, I get to play around with something different!  I got to explore the grounds at Hollow Hill a bit more than I do during a wedding day at that venue.  Timing is everything when it comes to portrait sessions, so I like to start around an hour before the sunsets.  That way I have some time to do some sun-drenched images before getting a great post-sunset landscape with the couple.

First, I wanted to capture them in the bright golden light of the sunset in a wooded area to highlight the golden leaves on the trees.  Then we moved over to the mission. The sun was hiding behind a hill, so I was able to capture the deep blue sky and the moon!  Finally, we headed over to the pond and I got in some silhouettes and a couple of shots that I lit with some off-camera flash.  Did I mention I was 8 months pregnant and laying in the grass next to the pond in order to get the angle perfect?  Oh yeah, that is just how far I am willing to go to get the perfect shot!  

Overall, this was a really exciting a fun shoot for me!  I have 2 weddings coming up this season at Hollow Hill Farms, and I couldn't be more excited to explore their gorgeous wedding venue even further!

Tori and Brandon's Fort Worth Wedding

I had the pleasure of capturing the wedding day of Tori and Brandon last fall.  I met the couple because Tori's grandparents are friends of my parents and have known me since I was about 10 years old.  I was so excited to be chosen to capture their wedding day!  The wedding ceremony was at one of my favorite chapels in Fort Worth, The Marty Leonard Chapel.  I love the architecture on the inside and the front doors are gorgeous!  The Reception was at the Golf Club at Fossil Creek.  The rustic chandeliers in the reception venue were stunning alongside the flower arrangements on the head table.  I am a big fan of colorful wedding flowers and these did not disappoint!  Check out all the other gorgeous details of this stylish Fort Worth wedding....

Katie and Shawn's White Rock Lake engagement session

Check out my latest engagement portrait session at White Rock Lake!  Katie and Shawn are just the cutest couple and we had so much fun hanging out with their doggies at the lake for this stunning portrait session.  

I am so excited to photograph their wedding in November!  As a wedding photographer, I offer an engagement session to all of my wedding photography clients so that we have a chance to work together before the wedding day.  It helps me to get a feel for what poses work best for them, as well as giving the couple an opportunity to get accustomed to my posing style.  The best part is that we get to know each other a little better and it makes things go much smoother on the wedding day when you have had a chance to work together before.  

Take a look at this awesome session and tell me what you think in the comments!

Amber and Cody's Maternity and Newborn Session

The best part about my job is when a couple who I photographed on their wedding day, calls me to tell me they are expecting a child and ask me to photograph their maternity portraits and the baby!  Nothing makes me happier than to capture the lives of growing families!  I discussed the options with them and told them about my First year package where I offer maternity, newborn, 6 month, and one year portraits and at the end of the year, I design a custom album with all the images.  They decided that the First Year package was a great idea and we set up their portrait appointments.  We started with a Maternity session at White Rock Lake In Dallas, TX.  I love shooting a White Rock close to sunset because the light really is dreamy and makes for a perfect setting for any portrait session.  A few weeks later I got the call that Matthew had been born and we were able to set up his newborn portrait session right away.  Matthew was only 5 days old when I went to their home for his first portrait session.  He was a perfect angel and slept well through the entire session and I was done in record time!  I am so excited to get to capture this wonderful family over the next year and can't wait to see how their First Year album turns out!  Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!

John And Amy's Frisco Heritage Center Wedding

I know it's been a while since I have posted a blog, but I am back!  I have been busy shooting weddings almost every weekend this summer and am thrilled to be so busy, but it has left me with little time for blogging.  One of the many wonderful weddings I was tasked to capture this summer was Amy and John's wedding at Frisco Heritage Center in Frisco, TX.  I met Amy and John through a mutual friend when he referred them to me for their wedding photography.  We met and discussed their wedding day and I learned that this wedding was more than just 2 people coming together in love, it was about a great big family coming together through marriage.  Both John and Amy had children of their own who were going to be their wedding party!  Coming from a blended family myself, this made me very excited to be a part of this beautiful wedding!  Once the wedding day was upon us, I quickly realized that no one was more excited about this day than the bride and groom.  John and Amy were absolutely giddy with love and excitement for their marriage and it was very easy to photograph such happy people!  They really made my job so easy and I loved every moment of their wedding day.  Have a look for yourself and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!