Chris and Michael's Destination Wedding

When my bestie from college asked me if I would rather be his best-(wo)man or photograph his destination wedding to his long-time partner, Michael, it didn't take me long to decide I definitely wanted to photograph it!  We all flew up to Massachusetts for a week last fall.  The ceremony and reception were held on the property of dear friends of Chris and Michael.  We all gathered around just before sunset to witness their vows being made in the middle of all of their closest friends.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  I remember having to wipe my tears of joy frequently through the ceremony.  It meant so much to me to see 2 wonderful people who had loved each other exclusively for almost 10 years, finally able to call each other husband and husband.  After the ceremony we had a tent set- up where we danced the night away and ate lobster that was cooked in the ground, just like the indians and pilgrims used to!  The next day we all drove up to the very tip of Cape Cod for a few days of fun in P-town, Mass.  Here are my favorite images from the trip! Enjoy!