Sabrenah and Aaron's Fort Worth Wedding

 Sabrenah and Aaron got married last November at Art space 111 in Fort Worth, Texas.  What a cool venue!  I really enjoyed working with them and knew from our first consultation that their wedding was  probably going to be the funkiest, vintage inspired, foodie wedding I have ever witnessed and I was right!  Their wedding day was absolutely one of my all time favorite weddings ever! I knew right away that these two lovebirds were meant for each other.  They are both so creative and I think their wedding was a true testament to their style and taste.    It's better that you just go look at the photos because words can't even begin to describe it.  I will tell you one thing, my favorite part was when the Bride and Groom grabbed the mic at the reception and sang (incredibly well, I might add)  "That's all I ask of you" from The Phantom of the Opera.  And they were GOOD!  It was a really cool moment and completely unplanned.  Take a look for yourself at this wonderful day: