Gabriella's Downtown Dallas Bridal Portrait Session

Lately, my absolute favorite way to photograph bridal portraits is to have a friend drive me and the bride to several locations in the downtown Dallas area.  There are a few things about this type of session that really work for me.  First of all, it  cuts down on walking.  Which you wouldn't think would be a big deal in a portrait session, but with bridals it definitely is!  By having a friend drive us to spots in the city, we are allowed to rest our feet in between shots and cool off or warm up from whatever crazy Texas weather we are having that day.  This session with Gabriella was in the middle of the "hotter than heck"  Texas summer so getting out of the heat every 10 minutes really helped.  I assume this would also help in the winter months when  strapless dress can cause a bride to catch a chill in a few minutes time!  My favorite part about a downtown session is the variety of shots that we can get!  There are so many different backgrounds to choose from and with a chauffeur we can really cover a lot of ground fast.  The shade from the buildings creates such a great lighting that we almost never have to deal with an unflattering light.  If they are timed just right, we can also transition into a glam night-lights session!  So many possibilities in the city!  The only question is where to begin?  


Flowers by Linda McEwan