Dan and Ashley's Heritage Village Wedding

You should all know by now that I love sharing work that I do for friends! Dan and Ashley are our former neighbors, turned great friends. Ashley also assists me on weddings, when I need help, and has become a very dear friend to me through the years. When they got engaged in Ireland, I knew that I would be hearing from them about photographing their wedding. We invited them over for dinner for our consultation and we discussed all the details of their wedding day. I was able to give them some advise and help calm some fears of the “what ifs” but I knew through the whole process that Ashley was destined to worry about what could go wrong. I feel it’s important to tell you this, because a lot of bride’s go through this wedding anxiety. It can definitely be overwhelming as you try to navigate the process of planning a wedding for the first and only time. As a seasoned wedding professional, I make every effort to help with this process since I have so much experience with other vendors and planning the timeline to fit everything in, so you get the best out of your wedding photographs. I proceeded to assist Ashley by referring her to some of my favorite vendors including Linda “the flower lady” McEwan, and Lance Patton of My DFW DJ. With the dream team set up for success, and a decent weather report the week of, we figured it was going to be smooth sailing and everything would turn out alright. Fast forward to the rehearsal and long story short, I became violently ill upon arriving at the rehearsal dinner and had to leave before we were even seated! Let me tell you, I was beyond stressed about how I was going to make it through an entire wedding day when I could barely get up off the bathroom floor, but somehow I rallied and was able to run on adrenaline and Gatorade and get the job done. I guess I was over compensating, because I totally nailed it! I mean, nature had something to do with it, but our meticulous planning to avoid the “what ifs”, was what I credit to the amazing lighting we had for just about every important moment. Even though I felt like I might fall over or vomit at any moment, I was living the dream and I felt like I was on FIRE throughout this entire wedding day! It’s days like this that really remind me why I do what I do. I abso-freaking-lutely LOVE weddings! Especially when the stars align like they did on this day. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them for two of my favorite people on this earth! Congrats to Dan and Ashley! Now bring on the babies!